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Lawn Cutting and Trimmer
Our Grass Cutting team monitors, measures and maintains the healthy growth of your lawn. It is our business to ensure that you can enjoy a beautiful, healthy and greener lawn.

Hedges and Bushes
Every homeowner may come across overgrown bushes and hedges. Trimming back the overgrowth is essential to maintaining the health of the hedges. Overgrown bushes can become home to rodents and insect nests; vines can also overrun overgrown bushes, strangling them in the process. Bringing overgrown hedges back under control takes at least two seasons for best effect.

Power Rake
Power Raking is a very effective way to remove thatch, moss, and dead debris that build up on your lawn over time without causing any significant damage. We highly recommend Power Raking in the early spring before any new growth has begun in your lawn.

Your lawn requires three elements for survival - moisture (water), nutrients, and air. When your lawn gets heavily compacted, its roots get deprived of the air they need to survive and grow. Additionally, aerating also allows water and nutrients to better penetrate into the soil and to the grass roots.

Our Spring Cleanup Service.

Included Service




Power Rake

Lawn Cut & Trim

Blow out Beds and Hedges



Starting From $175.00

Starting From $150.00

Starting From $150.00

Our Summer Service.



Weekly Lawn Cut & Trim

Starting from $35.00 per cut

Biweekly Cut & Trim

Starting from $50.00 per cut

One Time Cut & Trim

Please contact us
Price may vary due to length of grass

Holiday Cut & Trim

Please contact us
Price may vary due to length of your vacation

Flower Bed Maintenance

Starting from $50.00 per man hour

Our Winter Service.



Snow removal

Starting from $135.00 per Month
Each 24 hours for continuous snowfall

MGC Landscaping.

Matt Hordyk

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Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

We are BBB accredited.

MGC Landscaping began with the desire to provide citizens of Calgary and area with a high quality service, but without contractor fees. Having worked in the landscaping field for many years, with the background of driving dump trucks for larger firms and managing crews of sizes exceeding 15 members, Matt, the owner, identified a need. As a result MGC Landscaping Ltd. was formed.

It is our focus as a company to provide services with integrity and quality.

We offer competitive prices at the same time providing quality care with the best customer service. We have been in business for over 3 years and continue to build our level of expertise through training and seminars. Many of our workers come forth with a variety of levels of expertise.

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